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Elonia: Riftwalker Model Swap


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Elonia Spotlight

Thorog as Pestilence

   _If your familiar with Hellbringer's ulti who summons Malphas and the other Model that I posted in this blog which is Balrog they practically have something in common, obviously the texture. However they differ in their colors. This model is the blue one while the other model Balrog which is a Mod for Magmus is the Red one. I actually used this is the game and this model is really a kick ass model. Just try it for yourself and click read more to see it's skill and the download link. Hope you enjoy :)

Common Juke spots texture map dowload

Juking: Is a way in which when being pursued by an enemy, this is what you do to lose them and get them out of your trail, this is a common strategy to go through the hidden paths in the trees, going into the fog, standing there and eventually run backwards against the enemy following you.

This texture is for your forest of Caldavar map which has Red painted lines on the ground to portray where is the Juking spot. Purple painted lines that requires two or more tress to cut down.

Sephiroth as Nomad And Cloud as Swiftblade

If you are an avid fan of Final Fantasy Advent children then here's your chance to relived these Characters namely Cloud and Sephiroth. Sephiroth is now used as a model for Nomad and Cloud as Swiftblade.

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Mid Wars Prepare for War!